About Seis Drum School

●You can learn at your own pace

We offer private lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced drummers. An experienced instructor will guide you based on skill level (Kid's drumset also available, from 4 years old and up!). We regularly hold concerts and recordings. Through these events, you will naturally improve.

●Activation of the brain

When you play the drums, you receive satisfaction and fulfillment through playing music. Also, using your both hands and feet improves hand-eye coordination and will stimulate the brain. In recent years, research has found that activities such as playing the drums can improve cognitive function, and help prevent degenerative brain disorders. Furthermore, because playing the drums makes full use of all limbs using both hands and legs, it is a great way to keep in shape. Very specifically stated, playing the drums is a well-balanced exercise, it requires both brain and body, it is a very healthy activity for everyone of all ages.

●The original method "Seis Method" (Seis means the number 6 in Spanish)

The 6drum method is: ①Brain (listen, watch, vocalization, etc.) ②Right hand, ③Left hand, ④Right foot, ⑤Left foot, and ⑥The core of the body. The sixth element, the core, and the most important, supports all others. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen all elements, making you a well-balanced individual.

●Instructor's career

Sei Okubo: Graduated from Berklee College of Music, USA. Majored in wide range of musical genres, studied under Mike Mangini, Bob Tamagni, John Hazilla, Kenwood Dennard, Mark Walker, Casey Scheuerell and many other professional drummers. Performs regularly with different bands in many venues in and around Tokyo.

●New Courses

Guitar, Piano and Music Theory/Composition Courses are now available. We accept trial lessons at any time, so please feel free to contact us.

Instructor: Yohei Kurihara - Graduated from Berklee college of music composition department.

●Lesson Fees

Lesson fee: 5,000 yen/60 minutes --- Individual lessons for high school students and above. Drums, equipment, materials and facility fees included. Admission fee: 20,000 yen *Campaign available now!

●Opening 2 classrooms

Ikebukuro – studio-b: 4-24-10 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 〒171-0021, Satte – Salute Satte: 1-1-40 Naka, Satte-City Saitama 〒340-0115

●Contact Information Phone: 080-4131-5808 / e-mail: info@6drum.com

*If you are a junior high school student or younger, please contact us for separate lesson plans, scheduling and fees.

*Group lessons are also available in a separate classroom, please contact us for fees and other details.

*Campaign – If you join us during this year, the enrollment fee will be discounted. Start something new in the new era, enroll today!

*Free trial lesson, please contact us for more details.